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Connecting my 560gtx ti... potentially stupid question

I have a Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold 800x PSU and a MSI 560gtx Ti Twin Frozr II

I know that my 560gtx requires two 6 pin power connections, and my PSU has the connection options, but I have a question.

The PSU is a hybrid modular. I have two separate cables I can connect by plugging each into separate modular sockets on the PSU, and then plugging each into one of the 560gtx 6 pin connections.

But, there is also three hardwired, non-modular, cables coming from the PSU. One is the 20+4 pin, the second is a dual 4 pin (split in a Y, one 8 wire cable that yields two four pin connectors), and the third isn't exactly a Y. Its one sheathed cable of 8 wires. 8 run from the PSU and form the 6+2 pin connector. Then 6 wires run from that 6pin connector portion of the 6+2 connector in a U shape and form another 6 pin connector.

My question is, can I use that one cable with the 6+2 and 6 pin connectors to run my 560gtx (leaving the 2 pin out of the equation of course)? Or, should I use two totally separate "cables" (as in using the modular plugs and connecting two separate 6 pin cables)?

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  1. Anyone?
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    The cables all connect to the same 12v rail, so there should be no problem using the 6 & 6+2 connection that is hard wired and leaving the modulars out.
  3. Cool, thank you.
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