Some Low FPS on Highend Gaming Machine

Hi guys I am FPS having some problems.

I have a new rig
MSI Motherboard
AMD 6 core black edition at 3.2ghz
8 gigs of Cosair Dominator ram
Asus 470gtx
I also have a Corsair 850watt power supply

I am having some low framerate issues.

In wow in major towns I am getting like 30 to 40 frames, in dungeons i usually get around 60 fps unless some major spell casting is going on. heavily populated I get maybe low as 20. This is all on Ultra Settings.

In Rift I get lower major towns i am getting 20 to 30 FPS in the world and not in a rift battle I usually get around 40 to 50. In Rift battle it can get as low as 18 to 20. This is on high settings.

Have I done somthing wrong, I feel like I should have way more frames at a consent at least 60 fps.?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    What resolution do you play at ? Can you test other games too(preferably FPS games).
    also make sure you have the latest VGA drivers installed.
  2. Depends on the games you play and the resolution. GTX470 certainly is NOT high end and is not going to play all games smoothly at Ultra settings even at 1680x1050.
  3. The six core AMD cpus are great for productivity applications. They are not good for gaming. The 4 core 955 BE runs $50 less and beats the 6 core cpus in gaming. Also, the 955 can be OCed easily to run as fast as the 970 BE. You have a CPU bottleneck essentially.,2859-8.html
    This shows an AMD 6 core processor giving similiar performace to the 955 BE in SC2. The article shows the AMD quad-cores beating the six core in most other games.
    Your GPU should work, well as Nvidia cards are better for WoW than the AMD GPUs. I am running a 560 Ti which, as far as performance, is about the same as your 470 GTX. I get 60 fps in Orgrimmar and Stormwind near the AH on 'Ultra' settings.
    I am using the i5 2500K and I have no CPU bottleneck.
    My suggestion is to get a faster clocked quad-core CPU and return or sell the six-core if you can. Sandy bridge lives up to the hype and then some. If you could replace your CPU and Mobo I'd go with the SB.
  4. Seems pretty typical ... your frame rates seem similar to mine in both games

    I'm running a core2duo at 3.45 ghz and an ATI Radeon 5870....

    The GPU's are pretty much a dead heat in regards to performance and my CPU clock for clock runs at a better pace than yours (cores aside).

    Rift is pretty brutal on the system, not sure if it's coding or drivers or what but lots of people have issues with it.
  5. Not sure what Pacioli is mumbling about, the X6's perform identical in games as the X4's at the same clock speed. Adding 2 cores to a cpu does not make is slower.
  6. So what everyone is saying that basically My computer is running where it should be? I guess I need to check it out with a FPS game. Have not done that yet as I mostly a MMO gamer.

    Anyone got any ideas on how I might get a little more power out of my machine. Besides over clocking should I use the nivida control panel and set my applications to application controlled?
  7. geekapproved said:
    Not sure what Pacioli is mumbling about, the X6's perform identical in games as the X4's at the same clock speed. Adding 2 cores to a cpu does not make is slower.

    I am not mumbling... I make perfect sense. To myself anyways... lol

    Costing $50 less and getting the same performance means the 955 wins. It's like fishing for hatchery trout with a $350 G. Loomis rod and real combo when all you need is a $20 Ugly-stick combo from Wal-Mart. I'd never use an Ugly stick BTW...

    All I am saying is that the GTX 470 offers similiar price and performance to the GTX 560 I am running. I run WoW at 1920 x1080 on 'Ultra' settings. I never get below 60 fps even when I am in the busiest area of the biggest cities. The OP clearly has a CPU bottleneck. He needs more processing power. Period.

    So Xodar... the answer to your question is... Your GPU is fine it should handle WoW with no problems. You need to overclock your CPU or get a new faster CPU. I'd recommend a decent cooling solution if you plan to OC your processor. The Coolermaster hyper 212+ does a great job for around $30. The Mugen Scythe 2 costs a little bit more at $40, but does a better job cooling, 6-8 degrees C better. The best air solution would be from Noctua, however that will run you $70-80 and only give you slightly better performance than the Mugen.
    You could change your CPU to the $190 AMD 975 BE @3.6Ghz or the $170 970 BE @ 3.5 Ghz and sell your 6-core. This will only give you a small increase in performance, unless you overclock it. Then you'd want a better cooling solution. The $190 975 BE is likely to be the final Phenom 2 X4 before bulldozer comes out in a few months. The Bulldozers will need an AM3+ compatible motherboard board to run however.
    To increase performance beyond that you'd have to go with a solution from Intel. The same article I mentioned earlier shows the six-core AMD processor being bested by a large margin by an i3 2100 sandy bridge processor that runs $119 on newegg. The sandy bridge i5 2400 at $190 benchs at nearly double the performance of the $200 six-core AMD and the $170 AMD 970 BE . Also the $220 i5 2500K and $200 i5 2500 are amazing chips for the price.,2859-8.html

    I hope I didn't ramble too much. or mumble.
  8. Okay with the exception of switching motherboards and buying a whole new processor for an I7 this is what my processor is below. I understand that i7s are really fast and I should have done a little more research as I blew lot of money building this comp from the ground up. I also did not have 1000 to spend on the best i7 which is what I wanted lol. The problem I am seeing is that people with an even slower clocked cpu that I have are getting better results. They are at least getting like 70 to 120 frames with a slightly lesser cpu than me and about the same video card? I also have more ram that I should need for anything at 8gigs. With my cpu pumping out at stock of 3.3ghz why is it bottlenecking with my gtx470?

    I do plan on getting a cooler, but I don't think i am having a overheating issue I have a Sliverside Raven 2 Case with 3 fans on the bottem 2 on the ram, 1 on the processor and and exhaust.

    AMD Phenom II 1100T Black Edition Six Core CPU Manufacturer: AMD
    Processor Interface: Socket AM3
    Processor Class: Phenom II
    Processor Speed: 3.30GHz
    Cores: Six
    L2 Cache: 3MB
    Bus Speed: 2000MHz (4000 MT/s)
    Fan: Included
    Unlocked Multiplier: Yes
    Instruction Set: SSE2
    Integrated Graphics Core: No
    Integrated Memory Controller: Yes

    On a side note I am getting a asus g73jw or g73sw. Which one of those is better? Both have an i7 and to me it look like the g73sw has a faster processor, but not sure myself. I refuse to buy a alienware overpriced dell laptop?
  9. I'm sorry but I have to interject:
    I highly doubt your Phenom II is bottlenecking WoW. Yes, it IS a taxing game on the CPU, but yours is more than enough to handle. Your GPU is also PLENTY good, especially for your resolution.

    Your frames are normal. Is it because you have a weak system? Certainly not. I'm guessing you're on a relatively high population server. If Pacioli is getting 60 FPS near the auction house he must be on a lower population realm.

    I have a Phenom II x4 965 @ 4GHz, and a GTX 560 ti @ 1ghz core. I get 60 fps with everything ramped up to full, everywhere EXCEPT for major cities. In Orgrimmar, I'm almost always at 20-30 FPS. I also happen to play on Mal'Ganis, the highest Horde population realm in the game. Yes, the Sandy Bridge CPUs are faster than Phenom IIs, by quite a bit, but to say the Phenom IIs are BOTTLENECKING the 470 is ludicrous. Maybe on GTA 4 you'd get 60 FPS instead of 70, but you wouldn't go from 60-20 on World of Warcraft.

    Just learn to live with a laggy Orgrimmar. If you really need higher framerates, turn down the shadows while you're there.

    Otherwise, don't worry. If you're thinking about upgrading your PC, yeah the Sandy Bridges are the best deal on the market. But don't buy a new motherboard/CPU for World of Warcraft. Seriously.
  10. I am honetly not buying a comp for wow or upgrading. I am trying to get my computer to work right for rift and the other mmos coming out such as SWTOR.

    Now i have been having problems with Rift lot I know it not optimized yet but I still think I shoud be getting at least 30 to 40 fps in the major cities on ultra settings even though I am only getting about 20 to 30.

    I don't know what the problem is still.

    Again I have a
    MSI Motherboard 890fxa-gd70
    A Asus 470gtx
    8 gigs of Dominator Ram
    850 Watt Corsair PSU
    with 7 fans running to keep it cool

    I am just wondering if I need to do smothing different or replace somthing or if somthing is burned out.

    For more info on the preformance I am getting from mmos, I get about 50 to 60 frames in dungeons for wow, maybe about 40 t0 60 in the world depending where I am and 40 to 60 in major cities
  11. Hey xodar, I think your rig is pretty good, you shouldn't be worried about upgrading parts.

    My rig is quite similar to yours and I can assure you I have more or less the same performance issues you're experiencing.

    I can't complain about performance in any other games; one of the special ones was Crysis 2, which was graphically impressive, and still amazingly playable within the 60 - 80 fps gap.

    Then again, I used to play World of Warcraft (and I do play Rift now; I'll get there in a bit), and although it was solid most of the time, player density dramatically decreases fps count in places like main cities, Wintergrasp, some 25-man runs. I remember dropping to 18 fps once, in Orgrimmar, on the Cataclysm launch event, hah.

    As for Rift, for obvious reasons it hits your GPU harder. Your graphics card should probably handle everything maxed out, except for "Full" or even "Environment Only" shadows. I've been tinkering with the settings and on the exact same spot, I had 35 fps with "Environment Only" shadows and 70 without.

    As klbg said, shadows are very demanding, so it's basically a choice you have to make; plus, it really depends on 3 main aspects: your location, the number of players in the vicinity, and "how much" is going on there. The amount of particles in a Rift fight are humongous...I counted.

    However, some people mentioned they had a minor/medium fps increase since a certain patch was launched, but they were mainly ATI HD users. I like to think it's just a limitation of every MMORPG. Now a limitation for an FPS would be luck...that sucks.

    Have fun and enjoy your rig on other games aswell!
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