Fps drop - alt tab fixes it


I've noticed an odd thing in some games. At some point the frame rate will drop to 43-48 for no apparent reason, but if I alt tab from the game and get back in, the frame rate gets back to normal.

Anyone else had this problem ?

I am using the 258.96 driver at the moment, tried the new ones and had different problems with them. I read something about a similar problem with the 8800 cards, something about an issue with the memory management, although I don't know if this is my case.


CPU: E8400
Ram: 4G
PSU: Corsair 550Vx
GPU: XFX 250GTS 512Mb
2 HDD: 1x80Gb + 1x500Gb (both WD)
Audio card: Sound Blaster Audigy SE
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  1. I do remember reading about that issue. Was supposed to effect the 8800GTS 320MB card and I assume the 8800GS/9600GSO. Same thing was supposed to happen to the 640MB GTS, but didn't because it had more memory.

    What was the fix for it? I would say check for a newer bios for the card but flash that wrong and you have a paper weight. Perhaps try some other/older drivers?
  2. The 250 is getting pretty out of date...
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