Z68 vs. z77 for i2500k setup?


I am planning a new build for this month and I am not planning to do an upgrade for at least 3-4 yrs.
Since I am not a very huge gamer, I don't think I will overclock or benefit from SLI/Crossfire setup or PCI 3.0 support. As such, I decided to go with the Sandy Bridge i5-2500k and not the newly released Ivy Bridge, as the difference is not substantial based on may reviews.

I have been doubting for more than a month now between the AsRock z68 Extreme 3 and the GIGABYTE z68x UD3H-B3 motherboards. However, now that Ivy Bridge CPUs are coming out, the z77 chipset motherboards are gaining in popularity.

Since I am building an i5-2500k setup and will not upgrade my video card soon (ordered an ASUS 6850) and will not do hyperthreading, is it still a better idea to go with a z77 motherboard? The price difference is not huge and they are still affordable on my budget. Is a z68 motherboard the right choice for someone who is not buying an Ivy Bridge CPU, or will the z77 be a better choice even for the i5-2500k?

Replies would be welcomed.
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  1. No real world performance gain, both support the 22 nm IB, each chipset might include features that you don't need.

    So, pick the cheapest and the most reliable.
  2. It is intereesting that you chose the 2500K chip and state that you don't intend to OC it. The 2500K is great at OC'ing and you can get the same results from a 2400 chip if you don't OC.

    And it you don';t want to OC the H67 is a great board which is much more bang for the buck than the Z67 or Z77.

    The 2450 or the plain 2500 would be cheaper and better suited for non OC'd systems. And your build could save up to $150 on the 2400 & H67, which you could dedicate to other components.

    I cannot recommend a build with a 2500K and a Z series mobo if you don't OC.
  3. The 2500k is a great choice, even if not wanting to overclock now, what about later?

    also the K series have allot better resale value when 2nd hand.

    as chester said tho, dont sacrifice other components now to get the K
  4. Thanks for the replies guys.
    I think I am leaning to the z68 setup. I will be checking the websites here in Canada to see if some of them offer big rebates.
    Should I go wit a z77 motherboard if the price is at par with the z68 even if I won't use all its features?

    Chesteracorgi: Thanks for the suggestion. I am not planning to overclock at the moment, but it might change in 2 yrs if my system becomes sluggish. I just want to be on the safe side. I have not actually considered a P67 motherboard or a 2400 CPU. I just decided that the price difference is marginal between the 2500 and 2500k, so might as well go with the frequent i5-2500k z68 setup. I mean I would like the build to be as futureproof as possible, but still be budget conscious.
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