GPU and PSU - Best combination for new build?

I am in need of expert advice.

I am planning on buying:

ASUS P8P67 Pro
8GB A-DATA 1600 CAS9
Noctua NH-D14
HP ZR24w 1920X1200 monitor

I'm having trouble deciding which GPU setup will give me the best gaming quality/performance for the set up above to play games like StarCraft2 and Metro:

1 X GTX 570
2 X GTX 460

I'm new at building my own box and would really appreciate your advice and opinions.

Thanks Ahead!
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  1. Addict: Thanks for the fast reply. I don't wish to be rude, but I may not have been clear. Did you catch that the 460's were SLI'd? I should have added that instead of just the "2 X GTX 460". Will the 570 still give me a better experience than the 460 SLI configuration?
  2. 2 GTX460's in SLI > 1 GTX580, 1 GTX580 > 1 GTX570, so the logic says that 2 GTX460's are better
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    i did not catch that "2x" but shrkbay is correct and here are the benchmark to prove it
    you can play around with various set ups in it. note that SLI/CF do bring in support/driver/noise/heat issues that most single card solution don't face.

    the antec 650w linked above will run the GTX 460 in SLI as would most antec, corsair, xfx, seasonic 650w+ units.
  4. Thank you for the great advice. It sounds like the caveat for GTX 460 in SLI are possible issues with functionality. I'm new at this and building this box on my own so I don't want to set myself up for a lot of headaches right off the bat. If I buy two same brand GTX 460s and put them in a board that supports SLI (Asus P8P67 Pro), am I likely to run into problems?
  5. sometimes getting a single card is better than SLI/CF 2+ cards, cause many games do not support CF.. don't know about SLI, but that's what i've heard..
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