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My pc started to turn off after about 2 minutes. Then after 10 seconds, followed by 2 seconds. I figured it was the power supply so I bought a new one. My old one was 600 watts so I bought another 600 watt power supply. It turned out I even bought the same brand, OCZ Technology.
With the new power supply my pc won't even turn on. A couple lights light up on the mother board just like with the old power supply, but my machine won't power on. So I plugged my old power supply back in and it did the same thing as before. My pc would stay on for a couple minutes and shut down and then go down to staying on for a few seconds.
So what's wrong? Are not all power supplies for all pcs? Can it be that the new one isn't compatible? I understand there's always a chance that it was just broken out of the box.

Do I need a new heat sink fan maybe?

- Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 ghz OEM
- 4 Gigs of ddr2 ram, 4 sticks of 1 gig each
- XFX nForce 680i LT SLI motherboard
- PCI Express x16 graphics card
- one sata harddrive, 450 gigs
- one 500 gig harddrive (not sure what kind it is. it was external but the casing's power broke so I stuck it in like 3 months ago)
- one dvd dl drive (plan to get another)
- 2 12mm fans, and 2 8mm fans in case

(I am reposting this because I didn't get any answers the last time.)

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  1. When it stays on for 2 min, then shuts down and can only stay on for a few seconds, thats a heat problem, not a power problem. Check your temps as I bet your CPU temp will be over 65c. The solution would be to clean your heatsink and make sure you fan is spinning.
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    to follow up on possible overheat, go in the bios and monitor the pc health status to check the cpu temp and see how hot it is at idle.

    it is weird that with a new power supply it didn't boot at all. did you have the 12v connector properly connected?

    check for bios update for your mobo

    try removing 1 component at a time and powering up to see if the issue goes away.

    I was thinking it could be a weird electrical gremlin -- try to take eveyrything out and put it on a test bench. just connect the cpu, ram, hdd, video card and psu. see if it boots stable this way.
  3. Hey,

    The heat sink fan is spinning and I did clean with a can of one of those compressed gas dusters. My theory is that the new power supply is defective and that it is the heat sink fan because I remember it being kinda cheap.

    I also did try to connect and power up one component at a time.

    I'm not familiar with BIOS or accessing it. I tried to last night and my PC wouldn't stay on long enough to do anything.

    I'm going to buy a new heat sink today. Anyone know a good resource on how to replace a heat sink? I'm intimidated to touch it since it's connected to the processor. :??:

  4. I bought a new power supply and it all worked out. Turns out the old one was done and the first new one was defective.

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