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4-pin Card reader to USB header - Asus

I just replaced an M2N78-LA (thanks HP...) with a M4A785. everything's great except for the memory card reader on my Pavillion M8530F is a 4-pin and there are only 9-pin USB's on the board. I did have to manually attach the front panel wires but that's done.

i've got the manual with the pinout for the board but don't want to risk guessing with the reader.

please help!
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  1. the wires on the card reader are RED - WHITE - GREEN - BLACK
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    The USB 9 pin connector on the motherboard will go as follows

    Red White Green Black Black
    Red White Green Black NO PIN

    just use your 4pin card reader onto either the top or bottom making sure to line red on the cable to red on the port.
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