Work for an hour than dead. Help, please.

Hi I'm looking for help in what might have gone wrong. I assembled the computer Asus P8Z68, 2600k, 4gb kingston grey ram, WD 500gb blk caviar, liteon dvd, Ultra 750 psu, started it up loaded windows 7 64 bit and than loaded Asus' driver and ulitlity stuff and than I started to intall my Nortons dvd every sudden died. No led case lights no fans no monitor. I opended it up and the power button on the board and reset light were lite but that's it. I figured maybe the psu so I took one out of my other computer and the same thing nothing. But the two lights on the motherboard were lite again but no fans no case lights nothing. When this first happened I did push down on one of the pegs of the cpu cooler and it clicked. Could that have fried my cpu? I'm lost.
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  1. If the heatsink wasn't securely fastened to the mobo, it is possilbe to overheat the CPU. A CPU is designed to shut down if it reaches too high of a temp. You may need to let it cool off for a bit before trying again.
  2. Yeah by the time I switched PSU's I'm sure it was stone cold so if the CPU shuts down then I guess I'm probably looking a a motherboard failure. I can't think of anything else. I'm sure I hooked everything up right cause I managed to get the OS on it before it calfed. It's my first go at it so I'm hoping there is something else I might have missed.
  3. Yes I did read that and I even tried to Clear the CMOS but that didn't work. Thing is, the whole thing was working for long enough to load the OS and Utilities and then it just quit. Why no fans and no case led lights no sounds, nothing. The only sign of any life is a reset light and what looks like a start up light on the motherboard.
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    The majority of the time, when a system is up and running for say 30 mins to an hr and shuts down and does not restart - it's a component failure.

    I'm guessing since it sounds like the (Crappy) Intel HSF was not completely seated the cpu overheated. As T_T indicated the cpu should throttle down to protect it self. The key here is should, also it is possible that in overheating the current damaged a component on the motherboard. You have tried a known good PSU, so that leaves the CPU, MB, or memory. What I would do is remove the MB from the case and set on a table. With PSU, MB, memory (Just use one stick), and a keyboard, Monitor plugged into IGP (No dedicated GPU) see it it will power up - with no drive connected should go into bios. If it does not work, most likely the MB or CPU, or both.

    Some tips if you get it working, or have to rebuild (RMA of defective parts).
    I do this with every build.
    (1) *** can the Intel HSF. Many are ok with it, BUT also many have problems with it. Get a 3rd party HSF with a backing plate. $35 is cheap compared to the total cost of a system.
    (2) Do not build in case, build up on the table. Just the Minimum of what you need to boot into your bios. Generaly; PSU, MB, CPU, 1 stick of ram, Keyboard, Graphic card/IGP (With the Ix-2x00k and a Z68 MB - just use the IGP), Monitor. Power on the computer. Go to Health page and check voltages and temperatures. Leave runing until temps stop increasing, or if to high power off and correct problem with HSF).

    Once your sure this is OK. Power off and add a DVD drive. Power back on and use a bootable disk with Memtest86 on it. Run for 1 hour, if no errors power off and add the rest of your ram, power back on and again run memtest, but this time you leave running for a min of 4 hours (many here recommend 8 hr, or over night) - Your call.

    When assembling a new system I always wear a grounding stap (Again several here recommend touching the case or ground periodically - I believe in playing it safe when it comes to ESD.

    If system passes, then, and only then, install in case, install HDD, install windows. Once everything is up and running and before installing programs. Download a program to monitor your temps and voltages (I use HWMonitor). Also download Prime95. Install these two programs and run. Monitor your temps for the first 15 min, if temps have pretty much stablized then you can watch TV as you let prime 95 run for at least two hrs (Just check temps periodically). Good, then install programs, should have no problems.
  5. Thanks Retired Chief.
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  7. Oh, one other thing is there any way to tell if it is the motherboard or cpu if i don't have another cpu to test it with?
  8. OK, it turned out to be a faulty motherboard. Swapped it out under warranty. Thanks everyone for your help.
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