Which components should I get for a partial upgrade? [$125-$170]

I have decided do to economical reasons I will buy parts to upgrade my computer one or two at a time over then next 6months. I enjoy gaming but my computer cannot handle most games at a playable frame rate. I have not been able to find out how many watts my power supply is since the indicating sticker is partially covered by a circular vent but ever since I installed a new graphics card it began to overheat. Realizing this was probably part of the problem, the graphics card hardly helped gaming since I would be at almost 80 degrees Celsius(does Celsius really need to be capitalized?) idle.

Noticing my CPU fan vent was clogged over my CPU I cleaned it somewhat with q-tips since I had no compressed air and read vacuums can screw things up. Now it hovers around 60 degrees Celsius idle which has vastly improved frame rates in games and speed in general. So that's a little history on why I am eager to upgrade, I just don't know what parts would be most useful to invest in first to improve my choice in games and efficiency with multitasking.

My initial thought was to get a new 400-500 watt reliable power supply unit and 2x2GB set of decent ram since those are semi universal and easiest to install since I have never had to mount a motherboard or a cpu. Anyhow, I have gone ahead and created a report with Everest Home to show you my current build which is pretty ancient and originally a wholesale computer for petty office work. Here is a link to the report:


My birthday is next week, so I will be buying at least 2 parts (hoping for 3, but don't want to cheap out if I can score much better in the future). My budget will be about $150, give or take $25. My graphics card is a keeper for now since I just got it and am satisfied, but everything else will eventually be replaced. I tend to shop on sites like Newegg.com and Tigerdirect.com for combo deals. Last thing to mention is that my case is relatively small, so much so that I have to remove the siding to have room for my sound card and graphics card.. and I keep a medium size fan running 24/7 directly in front of it to keep it cool so I may want to consider invest in some kind of quality internal fan.

Looking forward to some interesting responses :)

EDIT :: If anyone truly believes I should spend it all on one part or wait for more money since my power supply will be overloaded, do not hesitate to let me know.
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  1. Thinking I will go just PSU & Ram. Any input welcome about when to shop or what I should get for future use.
  2. single core is not gonna get you far in any games these days... if that is socket 775 get a dual or quad core and at least 2gb of ram with your budget
    your power supply is probably fine, it sounds like the problem is your small case
    you should really try to keep it as clean as you can (canned air will help a lot if you can get some)
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