Can connect VPN ok and can map drive but cannot view all files

Got a strange scenario here..
While connected at the office, users can see all files in their network drives/shares.
When they VPN however...
They can connect VPN OK, get their drive mappings, (and map drives manually), but as they browse the share folders many of the files are not visible/present that are visible otherwise with a office connection.

Any Ideas?
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  1. Sounds like user rights issues, are they mapping the drives with the same username/password that they use in the office?

    Without knowing how your network is setup, hard to tell what's going on.

    You should have a sys admin person though that would deal with this type of thing.
  2. As stated, sounds like the drives are being mapped wrong or with the wrong userid.

    Check login scripts to see what is going on, or give the user the login script on their desktop to run over the VPN to see if it works correctly. May be a security issue with that though.
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