Motherboard DOA; send it to ASUS or Amazon

Hey guys, I was upgrading my 1156 system (i3540) to an 1156 ivy bridge system (i5 3750K), only changes to system were MB, Case, and CPU. When I hooked up my motherboard I get an error code saying no memroy installed. Tried two sets of RAM in all the slot options with no sucesses. Then I called and spoke with ASUS tech and he comfimed motherboard is dead and needs to be sent back.

Question is, send it to Amazon, or ASUS, anyone had to do something like this before? ASUS says that they will take 5-7 days and send me a new motherboard same day as I return some paperwork then I have 14 days to ship the defective one back. Is it possible to take this back to a local microcenter and swap it out?

Thanks for Any help
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  1. Have you upgraded your BIOS it needs if you wanna run up IVY and is your MOBO supports IVY BRIDGE
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