I'm running an I7 860(not oc)Also using core temp for cpu. Core temp reporting c0-38c, c1-33c, c2-39c and c3-34c, this is at idle with ambient room temp at 87degrees F. Do these temps seem ok or is c0 and c2 seem high. Used Arctic silver and using Tunique tower 120 extreme for cooler.
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  1. 87F = 30.5C, so your cores are averaging 36C or +6C over ambient. That's very good. The variability of your core temps is not at all unusual.
  2. Given all of them are below 100F, it really isn't that hot.
  3. Nothing to worry about.

    And since you're new, some free advice: Make your post topic say something sensible, otherwise people might just ignore it.
  4. No need to fan a flame.
  5. Herr_Koos said:
    Nothing to worry about.

    And since you're new, some free advice: Make your post topic say something sensible, otherwise people might just ignore it.

    I have to apologize for the stupid topic. I didn't see the topic header or I would have posted a suitable topic
  6. No problem, next time you'll know to look for it.
  7. Now, If I may let me ask this. Understanding the load on each core will cause that cores temp to rise. At the present time on c0 the load is between 0 & 3% (at idle, who knows whats using it), and the temp being 34-37c. On C1, the load being between 0 & 2% and the temp being 29-30c. This seems rather odd to me, the difference being between 5-7c this also applies to c2. I don't know the mechanics but if this was a car and the right head was getting hotter than the left then that's telling me I had better start doing some checking. I haven't run anything to actually put a really nice load on it but I'm fixin to. I'll post the temps after and maybe I can get some temps to post. I like this forum. I have some other issues I'd like to post and get some feedback on them. I will ensure I use a proper topic. This last one was a bit of a screwup on my part
  8. The variance does seem a bit high.. My 4 cores never differ by more than 1-2C. It may be nothing to worry about, but in theory, if the thermal paste is not evenly applied, one area of the CPU could get hotter than the rest.
  9. That's what I was thinking but I don't know the layout of the cores. I've been thinking about going to a different cooler, the Noctua NH-D14. If I'm gonna take off the heatsink I might as well replace the one I have. I haven't really made up my mind just yet. My problem, if any would be my DIMMS. I'm only running 8gig but they are the Corsair Vengeance which has a large heatsink which might be a problem. I understand you can run only one fan but my understanding is that the dual fans are its biggest asset and according to Noctua, my MB is listed as compatible.
  10. I'll say again, the variability of your core temps at idle is not unusual.

    There would be a concern only if the variability scaled - then you might worry about improperly applied paste etc. Run Prime95 and use CPUID's Hardware Monitor to look at the temps.

    Does the variability increase dramatically? If the paste were improperly applied such that one core was running hot at idle, it would run much hotter under full load.

    If all the core temps are satisfactory under full load, you have more to lose than to gain by fiddling with things. Having said that, I like the Noctua, as you can see from my configuration.
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