Having GPU Heat Problems While Playing Rift (ATI 5870)

I just recently installed Rift (the new MMORPG). I've never seen my XFX HD Radeon 5870 get hotter then 70deg C while gaming. As soon as I start playing Rift it jumps right up to around 85deg C. Is this too hot? I've never actually heard the cards fan kick in. When I look at the fan through window of my Antec 1200 it seems to be spinning at least at low speed. I've heard people complain about how loud their 5870 fan can get. Some have said it is like a hair dryer. I've yet to hear it. I'm just curious if it is working properly. At what temp should it kick in at least a little so I hear it? I tried to turn it on manually through the Catalyst Control Center but couldn't figure it out. Is there some way I can make sure it is working properly or a way to make it run cooler while playing Rift? I should have plenty of proper cooling. Like I said earlier, I have a huge Antec 1200 so all of my parts can breathe easily. I also have 10 fans overall running in that beast. So airflow shouldn't be an issue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Interesting. Maybe I'll try gaming with the side fan off tonight and monitor the temps.
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