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PSU compatible with MicroATX??

Okay just get 500W Antec ATX12v v2.3
MODEL EA-500D Green

So psyched!
only prob is will that work with Micro-Atx Mobo???
with what mobos is that compatible?
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    Yes it will work no problems
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  3. simon12 said:
    Yes it will work no problems

    ahhh phew! That's good to hear! I have been considering building a rig for about 4 years. Seriously considering the past year and oogling, drooling, researching, and looking at parts and configurations for hours and hours the past 6 months. My main obstacle has been

    2) this idiotic habit of when I REALLY need something (like a large monitor or rig parts) to do tons of research and then get something after being distracted that is random and barely necessary (like a chair or headphones or a used laptop??? wtf?!). The pattern/habit of failure is to look at something (like monitors) for weeks. tons of research. And putting the item in the cart on newegg or amazon at least 4-5 times on 4-5 different days but then not getting it. And then distraction and getting something random that seems urgent but never was, all the while what I did research on (monitor and rig parts) was the most important.

    #2 is very annoying. But at least my awareness of it seems compatible of #2 decreasing or being eliminated.

    Anyways I knew if I got the psu I would be in the zone (comitted) to building the rig, so I am glad I got that part. It looks like I will get the case and monitor very soon! Very psyched!!!

    Made me happy to see concise, encouraging response about no probs. sweet ! xD.
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