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So basically I used to make alot of threads on different forums about this and couldnt get any help that would help me with this.

Basically I get white horizontal lines flickering in games. In furmark my card starts whistling and as it pitches up, the lines slow down and I can see 3 black ones, then it goes back to white ones.


Gtx460 768mb
phenom ii x4 965
gx 550 W Coolermaster PSU
win 7
g skill 4gb ddr3

Things ive ruled out.

GPU. RMA'd 2 cards, got 2 new ones, same issue. 2nd new one tested at friends, he had no lines.
Processor. At the time I had a Phenom ii X2 555.
Ram. Tried friends Corsair 4gb ddr3.
PSU. Tried his Corsair 750W
Monitor. Tried friends monitor.

And yeah, basically same thing.

Only thing I havent tried is a new mobo which I doubt is a problem.

So taking all these things ive done, what else can I try ? Im buying a GTX560 Ti quite soon aswell. Might buy a new mobo after that.
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  1. Have you considered that it might be an OS and/or driver issue? I would try a fresh install of Windows or another OS (i.e., XP) as a test with newer or older nvidia drivers. And I assume that you also are using the latest drivers from nvidia rather than the ones included by WIndows 7. Right?
  2. Tried that multiple times. Diff drivers, OS reinstalls, and official drivers from nvidia site.
  3. wow, talk about gremlins in the engine room...

    pretty much all that is left are hdd, mobo and the cables themselves. 0.o

    have you tried different cable for the monitor? was the same cable used with your friends monitor, it might have loose pinns or something. Though I'd think it would give you problems on the desktop as well...
  4. well you're doing a good jpb ruling out your problems..but i will warn you of one thing you overshoot. check your onboard sound or sound card. sounds asinine but don;t rule it out, because i've blown my onboard sound out before and it made my video games go completely hay-wire.
  5. Tried different PSU and monitor cables, including different adapter that im using for the GPU. Mobo and HDD ? Christ... thats the problem with PC gaming, too much stuff can go wrong and you dont know what.
  6. Also, when I turn V.Sync on, those lines seem to be frozen in place, not moving up and down like without vsync
  7. Anyone ?
  8. it has to be the mobo then, cant really be caused by the hdd.

    It could be some sort of timing issue with the pcie data/clocklanes or something like that, very weird though..

    I have never heard of problem like this before...
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