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Wich one is the best? I´m decided to buy a GTX 570, but i have this two options - the zogis is a bit more expensive than the evga.

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  1. Zogis? That's a new one for me. There are not many reviews on the web of their products. On their website, the GTX 570 looks like it is the reference model, so there is likely no difference between the two cards. On the other hand, EVGA is one of the most popular and trusted brands with good warranties and customer support... and in this case it's cheaper too. Get the EVGA.
  2. Go for EVGA, never heard of Zogis + EVGA has really nice cards/performance/warranty, and if you say it's also cheaper then go for it ;)
  3. evga in that case, never heard of zogis lol, you sure you dont mean zotac?

    EDIT: nvm zogic excists xD http://www.tramacomunicacao.com.br/imagens/gde/GTX570_placadevideo_ZOGIS_20101221111120.jpg
  4. ^ i've searched Zogis and it actually exists, but it seemed nothing special
  5. i bought the evga, no one knows the zogis...i have an i7 920 on a asus p6t-se, and 6gigs of ram (patriot viper 1600mhz) , the 570 will "fit" on this configuration or there are a bottleneck in my system (int.)
  6. Msi Geforce 570 Twin Forz
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