A new graphics card for a N375P-00 PSU

I am looking to upgrade my OLD Dell XPS 400 with more memory and a new Nvidia graphics card (I know almost nothing on ATI cards). I have a N375P-00 PSU with 30 amps on the +12V Rail (2 rails with 18 amps each), which I have read over and over can take a Nvidia 9800 GT or a 250 GTS, although it might push my old PSU. However, I only have 1 pcie connector. I have read about Y splitters and am wondering if that would be risky...

Would it be dangerous to put a GTS 250 on my comp? How many connectors does the GTS 250 need? (Nvidia says it needs 6-pin connectors, Is that one or two?)

Win XP SP3
System Model: Dell DXP051
Processor: Pentium D ~2.8
Current Graphics card: GeForce 6800
RAM- 1GB (getting more when I get a new graphics card)
PSU: Delta N375P-00
30 amps on the +12V Rail (2 rails with 18 amps each)
1 Pcie connector
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  1. Ok, after studying the cards I have confirmed that the GTS 250 only needs 1 pcie connection. My problem then rests on which card to get with my power supply. I think my system can handle the 250, however there is a GTS 450 that could run easier on my PSU, with a notable reduction in graphics power???

    My question becomes this, GTS 450 vs the GTS 250.
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