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Hello everyone!

Yesterday I built a new computer, but I have a problem which is starting to worry me. When I first started the pc up, the "hardware component failure-beep" indicated me that there is a problem with the fans. This is the image I first got in the BIOS:



You can see that three of them are red, and rotate slower than Cha_Fan3 (Cha_Fan3 is the one on the rear). They are all rotating though and, as far as I can tell, keep everything cool. But it still worries me that maybe a problem will show up in the future because of this.. and the sound the pc makes each time i start it up is bothering me as well. Is there something wrong with my fans or the motherboard? Its my first self-built pc, so the error could be because of me.


Motherboard is the p8z77-v pro.
Case is the Haf X
CPU Fan the Hyper 212 Evo.
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  1. looks like there silent/low speed fans thats fine nothing to worry about but you may have to set in the bios to ignore them etc
  2. If I let the BIOS ignore them, will they still be controlled by the fan xpert2? Right know when I'm on the desktop, only the front, back and cpu fans are working.. the top and side fan are offline - with this profile the cpu stay at 28-32 degrees.

    And what about the "hardware component failure-beep" each time I turn the pc on? Is There anything I can do about this?
  3. From a quick read from your user manual (I suggest you download it).


    There are 4 LED's on your MOBO that relate each to the CPU, RAM, Graphics Card and the HDD/SSD. If you boot and one of these are lit then you can tell which one, as they stay lit until the problem is resolved. (Under OnBoard LED's)

    Also you can go into your BIOS and make sure 'Wait for F1if error' is enabled. This means when the computer wont boot until the 'F1' button is pressed if there is an error.

    Hopefully this can help you find where the error is.
  4. Hey again I just turned it on and it said (again) CPU Fan Error. I reseted CMOS and now I will wait till tomorrow, as the sound only occurs when the pc is turned off for a couple of hours. If I just turn it off/on, the warning sound and F1 thing doesn't show up. Thats why I can't really test if there are any improvements sadly - I will let you know tomorrow!
  5. I still get the error "CPU Fan error". I turned down the "chassis 1-4 Fan Speed Low Limit" and the BIOS shows them now as normal (not red anymore). So this seems to be solved. But this morning I still had to press F1 because of the CPU Fan error and I simply don't get why...

    I Played skyrim and the max temp was 47º for the CPU so the fan is working I guess.
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  6. Have you figured this out? I'm having a similar problem.
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