first time doing this... :P anyways, im having issues with my cpu score on 3d mark vantage. i have an i7 processor (stock speeds) and a ud3r rev. 1.7. motherboard and 6 gb ocz ram. my cpu scores only about 19500 while i have a friend that , with the same motherboard , except rev 3.0 about the same in ram and the same i7 950 processor and his cpu score on 3d mark vantage is around 45000 ( also stock speeds ) i just dont know how his are so much higher than mine and we basically have the same components!
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  1. does that mean that there is something wrong with my setup? forgotten drivers? bios updates? anything?
  2. we both have i7 950's
  3. games do work differently! He has a nvidia geforce gts460 and his games chop a lot less than mine do and i have a hd6970 :P upon installing my videocard i did a fresh windows 7 pro install and installed the latest drivers for my videocard aswell.
  4. yes same res. i tried updating the bios and it gave me this cant run on this version windows 7 error message. i brought my computer in today to my friends computer shop where we did some testing on it. he put in a i7 960 to run some tests, but it didnt make much difference. Hes thinking the motherboard might be at fault. But i still think that some kind of setting or update can do the trick... im just stuck haha
  5. well i finally got around to it, i send my MB to gigabyte on monday so im really hoping to hear a response either at the end of this week or sometime into the early next week. The thing is i have an ex58ud3r but i dont think they make those anymore, so i might get erally lucky and get an x58aud3r which is a really nice upgrade! Unlike the ex58ud3r the x58aud3r comes equipped with one more pcie slot for 3 way sli or xfire, usb3, sata 3, and support for 2200mhz ddr3. So in other words, let the hoping begin lol
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