Ati drivers have stopped but recovered

Hey guys ive had this problem recently wondering if you could figure it out. i have a 6950 which i did the bios flash to a 6970. The clocks are at 900/1400 i used msi kombuster to see if it was stable went for 3 or 4 hours no artifacts. recently i played crysis 2 demo and was getting around 80-120 fps on "Gamer" option until all of a sudden it froze i pressed ctrl alt delete went to desktop went back into the game everything was fine... until it happend again and it bsod wondering if it's driver problems or if anybody has this problem happen to them.
Thanks alot !!!
amd 965 BE @ 3.9ghz
6950 flashed 6970
4 gig ddr3 1600
800w psu
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  1. crashes and bluescreens in my experience with ATI cards are due to overclocking and drivers. try the stock freq's (clock speeds of the 6950 instead on the 70) because the card might not like it....or perhaps its the demo. after all its a demo;]

    have you tried playing anything else? i used auto-tune that supposedly finds the perfect clock speeds and it would crash games like CS:S at RANDOM intervals.
    an hour.....10 minutes.....a half hour.

    so i just stick with stock and really have no problems.
  2. given that i did a stress test to the video card for three hours wouldent it be stable??
  3. bringmethathorizon said:
    given that i did a stress test to the video card for three hours wouldent it be stable??

    You would think so cuz i overclocked my 5850 and ran Kombuster and everything was fine.
    Same thing though as soon as i started surfing or tried playing a game.
    Got the same messsage.
    Just back off one of the clocks a tad and try again.
    You'll eventually find a compatible setting.
  4. well i tried crysis 2 again without fraps. I had no problems so far. Could fraps be doing that to my system?
  5. I unistalled my 11.2 Catalyst driver today and so far my pc hasn't been freezing. When i was using 11.2 Catalyst i was freezing like every 5 hours or so during gaming or even just by browsing the net. So far i have no ATI drivers installed been running it for 6 hours or so and no freeze yet. Ima gonna run my computer all day today without the Catalyst driver and see if my computer freezes still. My friend gave me his Nvida GTX 295 and it should arrive on monday so hopefully the Nvidia drivers won't give me the same issue. Also i just built this pc with a new motherboard, cpu, ram, hard drive and pwr supply but still had the old 4850 lol.
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