Radeon HD 5770 multiple displays

i have 2 monitors hooked up to my radeon now. one is an LCD and one is CRT (not sure if that matters).
i have the crt using extended desktop......however there is nothing there but the background.

all i want this monitor for is to be able to surf without alt+tabbing out of games but google/ati help
is not helping AT ALL. im sure its something dumb but i cant for the life figure it out since ive never
used 2 monitors before.

im using the current CCC....and ive tried everything in the help files.
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  1. .... you can just move your stuff (window) to the second (extended) monitor with the mouse
    but if you play full screen games and alt+tab out it WILL minimize... you cant play and surf at same time its one or another...
    it might work if you have your game in window mode but that just makes the game look awful...
    if you cant move to the extended screen maybe you got your settings wrong... what your operating system? in win 7 you just have to right click desktop and screen resolution and manually set the monitors to match how they physically are on your desk
    if your lcd is on the right and it is the primary monitor manually put screen 1 to the left of screen 2...
  2. oh yeah... and in extended mode your wallpaper will duplicate to the other monitor and the taskbar does NOT extended to the second monitor... it just sticks to the primary monitor or the secondary monitor... not both unless you install a third party software to do so... just... move your stuff to the other monitor to use it
  3. i dont know how thats the problem! im guessing eyefinity is what i need? i never really looked into it. or perhaps hydravision? i know one of them is built specifically for multiple displays. thnx for the reply though.
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