Looking for motherboard $350 cant make up my mind

hi am looking at few motherboards i cant make up my mind asrockX79 Extreme9 is one i like the outputs has alot of expansion's
the hi charging for usb ports . As far as MSI there the MSI Big Bang - XPower II love that it can do 128gb of ram and it large mobo but they say the overclocking sucks . then there Asus P9X79 DELUXE love that it has 5 year warranty if you guys recommend others please do the budget is $350 this mobo going in on a Intel Ivy Core i7 3770K i have everything picked out just need mobo to complete the build
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  1. Warning: your CPU has an LGA 1155 socket, while the X79 motherboards you are mentioning have LGA 2011 sockets. That CPU will not fit there!

    If you want an LGA 2011 CPU, you only have 3 choices for i7: 3820, 3930K or 3960X. I think also some Xeons?

    Anyway, if you want the i7-3770k you would need an LGA 1155 motherboard. You can get one of the best z77 motherboards around for that price range, which will have the right socket.
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