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I was wondering about buying another card. my old card is a Nvidia 9600 gt 512mb
and I was looking to compare with a newer card but I can't find reference for comparison.
a MSI radeon hd 5450 with 512mb
The radeon card is cheap but it is newer and if I am using it for lower graphic games like DDO online would I see a boost or just the same with some new "sparklies"
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  1. The 9600 is the more powerful of the two, although the 5450 is newer and has better features. If you have bad framerates in games or want to turn up the eyecandy, go for the 9600.
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    your 9600GT still faster than HD5450. if you want comparison you can check it here:,2879-7.html
  3. 9600gt is a million times faster than a 5450. you will see less detail with it because it will only be able to produce 1fps with details turned up, or down. keep your 9600. something more comparable in speed is a 5670, and if you enable dx11 you will need a 5750 or 5770 to see the same framerates as your 9600 in dx10.
  4. ^+1 yep!
  5. Thanks for the info I find it frustrating that the companys don't show the ratings in the greater scaleof old and newer cards because with all the new vid cards out it is hard to rate. The last mention of vid cards and where they rated with the old card was when NVIDIA came out with the 220 and 210 cards and how the vid quality was in with the 6800 and the 7800 generation but with the latest directx ver. I will grant you I am no geek so it is hard for me to suss out the info for the new cards verses the old. ;-) Thanks again!
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