Suggest me a MicroATX PSU

My PC Case is really small. The specs are on my signature. The motherboard has already been killed by the inbuilt PSU which came with the case in 15 days.
Also, I'd like to know the differences between MicroATX and normal ATX power supplies.
My case is a really small one. So is the MoBo.

Will these fit my case?
Rosewill RG430
CoolerMaster RS460

If not, which PSU do you recommend under 40$?
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  1. I've just found that my current PSU is a normal ATX one.
  2. I've just found that my current PSU is a normal ATX one.
  3. you're double and triple posting your posts.
    also what is this frontech imagine case that you're referring to. i can't even find it on the frontech website. either way. you can find small power supplies on sales at every major online dealer.
  4. Since you can fit a normal ATX Psu in your case, then I'll suggest a view near or within your budget which is of good quality.

    Antec EA 380D

    Corsair CX 430 V2

    Antec EA 430 D
  5. Sorry about that double post. This website is having troubles I think.

    Thanks for recommending those PSUs. I'll try to get the Corsair one. Will it be able to run a GTX 560 Ti?
  6. yep.
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