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  1. It's good, but for how much you're paying, you should be able to get more. Please fill this out.

  2. Dont know what more i could get, i already got an SSD ill use. And ofc the mouse, monitor,and all the other accessories.
  3. Well is it possible for you to fill out the form I prior mentioned. It'd better help us optimize or create a build that suits you. It's kind of a bugger to recommend a build when we don't know what you need.
  4. Not to be a bitch, but i wasnt asking for someone to make me a build, i was asking how my current build was.
  5. Well you didn't exactly state that you built it already. It is good, but as I said, for the price you could have gotten some better stuff.
  6. I ordered the parts, but i think i did well. I wasnt going to buy an AMD MB or CPU, or NVIDIA graphics card. I probaly could of got a cheaper case+ram then upgraded something but i think i got some good stuff for my budget.
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