Motherboard Yes or No?

I recently had my lighting kill my psu through a lighting strike (Surge Protector no help). I am currently building a new computer which I already had a new psu and case and thats all I have purchase so far. So, I put the new psu back into my old computer and it would start up like normal, log in, then it would suddenly screen would turn off and fans would kick on high. Put my buddies video card in and it still did the same thing. Just trying to confirm if its my motherboard. Would anyone concur?


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  1. Give full specification of old system + new psu
  2. I will get back to you. I am at work atm. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Motherboard - Rampage II Gene/CG5290/DP MB i7 Processor

    Nivida GTX 260 Video Card

    PSU-Coolmaster 1000 watt- 1 rail
  4. you mean to say your pc system is on but fans spining at maximum + no display

    i recommend you to check your psu inside your buddies pc [if agrees ] and checkout is it happing the same with his pc if yes then it might be possible psu is having trouble
  5. Yes it will start up run for a second, then the screen will kick off and the fans will act like it loading something and speed up. I am going to try and hook it up to my buddies system this afternoon and see if that is the problem.
  6. check it might be helpful
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