XFX Rad5870 XXX ed. Driver issues

Purchased a 5870 of Newegg a lil while back, run perfectly fine most of the time. Recently purchased both Crysis and Dragon Age 2 and I have been finding both games crash, and a window pops up saying my video driver ran into a problem and has recovered. Anyone have a clue where I should begin with fixing this issue? Installed the Dx11 a while back....other games seem to run fine.

Card is in a Asus M4a79t deluxe mobo, with AMD black edition RAM, and a AMD phenom II 966.
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  1. Do you have the latest driver from the AMD website?


    If you are on the latest, try some of the older ones. Watch out as 2 drivers back, i think there was a bug that crashed the system it self.
  2. This may come off as a very stupid question, but do i need to remove drivers before I install new ones?
  3. normally it was alright to install over the previous one without removing the older one. but it is better to remove current driver first and then run driver sweeper to clean the left over by the driver so any bad files were wiped out. install the new driver after re-boot
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