New build Ivy Bridge, help me with my motherboard please!

Can somebody suggest me a good motherboard please?

The rest of my build is as follows:
8gb Corsair Vengeance
ATI HD7850
Corsair force 120gb SSD
Antec 902 case + Corsair H80 cooler
XFX 550w PSU

I don't think I want to SLI/Crossfire unless anybody can give me a good reason to do so. (It's double cost/heat/power for less than double the performance + a load of bugs/hassle!)

I will be overclocking a little, but not a lot.
I can order by UK sites like dabs, ebuyer, scan etc.

And while you're here... does that build look sensible? Cost is £850 + the Motherboard.
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  1. That price was including Win7.

    Forgot to mention - I don't even know what special features the Z77 motherboards have. No idea what difference there is between the £90 asus motherboard and the £170 sabertooth besides the extra PCI3 slots.
  2. Anyone?
  3. Would have thought Z77 and Ivy were all the rage right now!
    Nobody have any input?
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