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I was planning on building a computer but that would likely be postponed for at least 4-5 months (leak in the house-wood damage). Anyways I was thinking about getting a fairly cheap graphics card that can run starcraft 2 well- as an playable and not slow down in huge battle (does not have to be ultra settings). Unfortunately I only have a 200 watt PSU. Is there a good graphics card that only requires a 200 watt PSU?
I was looking at the HD 5450 and it looks decent. Its also only $35. Any advice?
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  1. I don't think the 5450 even needs any addditional power connectors. it takes in the 75w from the pci slots ..if you wanna play modern games without lag at decent settings I'd recommend spending a little extra cash ..upgrade the PSU ..i mean that's low wattage ..
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