My computer case RANDOMLY won't turn on doesn't detect hard drive?


I'm a noob poster here but from time to time this site has helped me with many issues via google search. However, my custom made PC has recently "failed on me". One day it was working fine, no blue screens, no signs of inevitable doom, and thenI come home and the case won't turn on, therefore I get a CPU temperature warning and it shuts off. So I put in a fan only to realize that the computer was a boot device, which means something is not booting right. Upon inspecting the bios, the system detects everything but the hard drive, I'm fairly sure even if its not ready to boot the hard ware should be detected, but the thing that i'm unsure about is why did both kick the bucket at the same time or if there is a fix for this? What's wrong with my system and why did they go at the same time (if they are truly dead)
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  1. Do you have another hard drive you can try to install windows with?

    and you said both failed? both what? HDD and ????
  2. And my case, fans don't boot or lights :(
  3. no fans dont boot. you are correct with that statement. seriously, not much of what you say makes any sense.

    Once i decipher all your jibberish i have come to the conclusion that you had a failed cpu fan, which you replaced and now your hard drive is not being detected. correct? Check the connections to the hard drive and motherboard, try another sata port. If its still not being detected in BIOS replace the hard drive. It would be good if you could try the hard drive in someone elses computer to see if it is detected.
  4. Lol sorry for the jibberish. Not the CPU fans, the case (tower) fans, there's 3 of them and LED lights, none of these turn on, the CPU fan is fine nothing is failing but the case turning on and the hard drive detection-
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