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What is the best but cheapest z77 mobo for ivy gaming rig

i plan to build a budget gaming rig with these set-up:
i5 3570k
hd 7870
8gb ddr3 1600

i need a good z77 motherboard to OC the cpu but a cheap one because i dont really need extra features, only usb 3.0 or something and enough usb 2.0. i dont plan on doing crossfire either.

my options are:
Asrock Z77 Pro 3
Asus P8Z77 M
Gigabyte Z77MX D3H

prices are nearly similar with asrock the cheapest.

which of the 3 is best for my purpose? or do you have any other suggestion?
i am a cheap person and i know there are a billion more like me lol so please help us ;)
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    Do let us know ur exact budget for mobo.But a pricey mobo is not essentially a all-round featured thing but it has a great bearing over performance also.Features do come along when u go to a bit higher tiers for better play.

    Well check this:-

    ☺Asus P8Z77 M─It's a micro ATX mobo.It has got 4+1 power phase design which can be a little trouble while OCin.But while u are grabbin a 3570K,u should be lookin for atleast 10+ power phase design.

    ☺Asrock Z77 Pro 3─Again it suffers from the same stigma of 4+1 power phase is good,quite near to Asus one but by far the least priced one for(maybe) ASRock is a small company compared to its other competitors.But this one's a full ATX mobo ideal for gaming rigs.

    ☺Gigabyte Z77MX D3H─No new story.But can't figure out it's power phase design.This is another micro ATX board.

    1.Go with a better power phase designed mobo.Asus will be the best and xpensive from others also.But it's all about the service,longevity.

    2.May drop to a i5-2500K.if u think u will get a remarkable xperience from IB+PCIe 3.0 GPUs u are wrong my friend.U will hardly notice any difference in gameplay from PCIe 2.0.

    3.Asus's other series like H61,P67,Z68(try this) will become compatible with PCIe 3.0 and IB as well with an BIOS update.did u knew that?If not then goto Asus's site and verify.

    4.Wait for other midranged Keplers to arrive to the party,who knows a lower priced Kepler might stand equivalent in performance to HD 7870 ? Or at the very least they will surely help bring down the prices of HD 7870.that will help u get a better mobo.

    My Recommended mobo is P8Z68-V/GEN 3.
    Lastly I don't work for any of the above mentioned companies,so I'm not tryin ti increase anyone's sales,no.
  2. ASrock is cheap and has good features, not sure about their reliability. I would go with the

    Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H

    ASUS P8Z77-V LGA

    MSI Z77A-GD65 LGA

    PCIe 3.0 is not a factor but nice to have anyway, I am running GTX 680 SLI on a old P67A-G43 16x 8x slots with my i5 2500k 4.5GHz and my bench score are higher than some X79 platforms used by reviewers on the web!
  3. since the new processors run hotter and don't over clock as well as the ones they are replacing, why not get a 2500 and a z77 mother board ?
  4. U can try out ASRock Z77 Extreme 4.
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