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hi,i play FPS games(MW2 and black ops)and im not sure what settings to use in my catalyst control centre,for my ati 4770 512 card,
for the anti-alaising should i tick the box that says(use application settings)
for the anisotropic filtering,should i do the same?? and what about disable catalyst A.I. option,what does that do??

NZXT apollo case
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L, Intel P45/LGA775/ATX

4GB KIT(2x XMS2 2GB) Corsair 'XMS2' [TWIN2X4096-6400C5], DDR2/PC6400/800MHz
550W Greatwall -psu

500GB Seagate ‘Barracuda’ [ST3500418AS], 7200.12/SATA/16MB CACHE

Intel® Core™2 Duo E7600, 3.06GHz/FSB1066MHz/3MB Cache/LGA775
XFX HD 4770 512MB 128Bit,
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  1. Tick use application settings for everything you can so that the game youre playing will handle it. Keep vertical refresh off, just another setting youre game can handle. I disable AI because it causes fps drop in some games I play but for other games it will help, it really depends on the game, or leave it off and not worry like me. The other settings I can't really help without knowing how many fps youre getting in game and how much you want to be getting. For any setting put performance if you want more fps or put to quality if you want your game to look better.

    Here's a link for a detailed description of what everything does.
  2. AA = x8 (if trouble, try setting at USE APP)

    AF = x16 (if trouble, try setting at USE APP)

    catalyst AI: this is driver optimization (off=better image quality, lower fps; advanced=better fps, lower image quality; standards is best, no noticeable quality loss) i use standard

    Mipmap = quality

    vSync = off

    Adaptive AA = quality (enable)

    Triple buffering = on (if u have 512mb gpu ram, see if triple B = off gives u better frames)
  3. i use 1600x900 res on a 20inch widescreen are right,black ops runs quite bad on my is a disapiontment that game..thanks for the advice
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