Can i connect a 64bit to a 32 bit on a home network

can i connect a 64bit to a 32 bit on a home network both running win 7 professional any advice welome
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  1. You can connect anything to a home network , 64 bit ,32 bit and even Mac. The restriction is that you cannot interact with the other computers if they have different operating systems but they can all share the same network and the same printer as long as each computer has thier specific drivers installed so they can communicate with the printer. Each computer is communicating with the router not the other computers. If you want to file share with other computers on the network then the computer you want to interact with has to have the same version of the Operating system that you have.
  2. ^^^ that isn't true. All my computers interact with each other and I have had various operating systems but not run Ubuntu and Windows 7. All you need is for each computer to understand the communication system that was designed. The bitness, OS, or any other factors do not matter if the software is implemented.

    I use Samba on my Ubuntu computers to share files with my Windows PCs.

    anyways, for a simple network, just use the link provided above.
  3. well thank you for your responses i have connected my new computer up and its working .Sadly there is no way i can get it to print on ny dell2230d which is parallel port connected to my 32 bit computer. Apart from that OK. thanks again for the help/advice
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