Please help! ATI HD 4350 (Aries) issue

I have been running this graphic card (ATI HD 4350 (Aries)) for about 5 months.
It came assembled in my Compaq CQ 5300IT. I used to play PES 2011 on Full HD resolution.
The issue started by intervening my game and black screening periodically sometimes.

Now it's impossible to use this graphic card any more 'cos when i just start windows, with the periodic
black screening every 1 or 2 seconds it's practically impossible to do anything.

I tried this graphic card on another computer, with another cable, another monitor and the issue remains the same.
The issue is about the VGA output 'cos when I use HDMI or DVI outputs there is no signal out.
My graphic card is the one shown on the attachment but with an added VGA output from the slot near DVI output(it's done by the manufacturer)

Please Help me with your opinions!
Thank you!

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  1. Sounds like you have diagnosed a failed video card, what opinions are you looking for exactly?
  2. Maybe it is possibly a known issue to someone and maybe a solution exists.
    Thank you!
  3. I would say the video card is the problem. Try using a different connection; VGA if you were using DVI before.
  4. If you red well there is no signal out from it's HDMI or DVI outputs.
    I had this issue using the VGA output
  5. You need a new video card.
  6. OK guys thnx for your opinion anyway.
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