Could the wrong RAM cause kernel-power errors?


In the process of building a new tower today, started getting kernel-power ID:41 error when putting some load on the GPU (entering a game). Removed the GPU from the equation and was able to get 10mins-ish in-game on the iGPU before it rebooted. Now its started rebooting at will, even when opening my documents.

Discovered since that the memory I've put in is quad channel and not dual channel which seems to have been a misunderstanding in the order.

Could this be the issue or do I need to investigate further?

ASUS maximus V gene
i5 3570k
ocz 120gb nocti ssd
antec 750w HCP psu
Sapphire amd 7950 oc

Plus I have performed the memtest86 and the RAM came back 100% passed.

Cheers for your time,

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  1. Its most likely the video driver. Reinstall or use different version.
  2. asus boards are real picky when there ram. I would look at the mb qual list and see if your ram is on it. some ram is only qu for two slots and some for 4. i would take the system down to 2 sticks and run cpu-z to see what the jdec speeds are for the ram and see if the mb has loaded up the correct speed. most mb are not set to load xmp profile you have to change that to run at the max speed of your ram.
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