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Hi, I am just wondering if my acer AX3400 - E3212 desktop computer is compatible with an AMD Phenom II 1090T Black Edition Six Core Processor. I know my motherboard supports socket AM3 processors and this six core processor is a socket AM3 processor. I noticed in the drivers page on the acer website for my desktop that there is a bios upgrade to support the six core processors. Would this bios update make it compatible?
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  1. most of the time you have to update the bios to work with the 6 core's.

    As long as the bios can take the 6 core then the mobo can take it.

    AM3 works with the new 6 core CPU's
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    I wouldnt suggest going up to a 1090T, its a 125W CPU and as far as i can tell the AX3400 only shipped with 95W CPUs and lower indicating the board may not be able to support 125W processors like the 1090T, the update for 6 core support was probably to add the 1035T, just because your system can support one six core CPU doesnt mean it can support them all. The system also only ships with a 220W power supply from what i found so the additional load may over do that.
  3. Also worth mentioning, that your psu may not be able to supply the extra power a 6-core cpu will require, as OEM machines normally install a psu that is just enough for the original spec.
  4. Alright thanks guys, Which processor could you recommend upgrading to that would best be for my computer? my current processor is an AMD Athlon ii x4 640. Im not having any problems with it but I am looking to possibly upgrade it in the future.
  5. How bout the AMD Phenom II X4 840 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor ? its a 95w should that be good ?
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