GTX 460SLI or GTX 560 TI SLI

I can keep my GTX 460 EE SLI or i can step up to the GTX 560 TI SLI. Is it worth the upgrade it'll only cost $60 per card with the step up program at evga. what are some of the main differences from 460 and 560?
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  1. overall the GTX 460 is 22% slower than a GTX 560

    you just have to decide if the performance gain is worth 120 bucks.
  2. Definitly 560 (Dx11+faster+better scaling in SLI+Better temps+lower noice).

    Its more expensive yes, but Id never advice you to get something getting "outdated".

    460 will hold for 1 year more probably, but not that much longer.
    Also note that so far DX12 oficiall resease is 2013 (1 year after worlds end :D), and in 2 years i guess you will be able to update for new GPU
  3. ^460s also have Dx11 :P.*no offense* but imo 560s would be much better
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