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Hey guys, tru again with a question. Not sure if this is the right place for this but hey. I was cleaning out the garage when I found several of the anti-static bags I kept. I know it's a good idea to keep them for a while if anything breaks and needs to be RMAed, but I know all builds I've done are doing fine.

What can I turn these guys into? First thing that comes to mind is an anti-static bracelet (I have been working on PC guts without them :pfff: ). I know I have 10-13 bags in there, all of differing sizes between a WiFi card to an HDD to an ATX mobo. Thanks for the responses, tru out!
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  1. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe it would not make a proper anti static bracelet, as such bracelets ground you to prevent a build up of static, where the bags are more of a resistor material.
  2. True. A very high resistance. About the only way you have of making a bracelet would be to tie strips together. And you would have no way of testing the results.

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  3. Any sensible ideas aside as previous respondants have covered them all,

    A hat to protect your brainwaves from 'them'
    Overshoes for winter
    impromptu sickbags for when you get ganked/lose out on loot ingame
    Glove puppets 'Hey there Mr Anti-static bag' 'Hiya Jimmy' :P
    put them by doors in your house at night so burglars alert you by standing on them
    My Gf says use them to make a set of dungarees.......
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