New processor came in

After getting some advice here,
I decided to order the following things:

AMD Phenom II X4 945 3 ghz

video card: N560GTX-Ti twin frozr II R

PSU: 600w cmpsu-600cxv2 r

I dont know if this is the right place to ask, but I'm going to be replacing my video card, processor, and psu.
I'm thinking I need to start with taking stuff out, putting the processor in, then the graphics card, and then the psu,
but if anyone can tell me if what i'm thinking is wrong that wold be appreciated.
A link to a guide of some sort about replaciing components would be awesome too..

Thank you.
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  1. move up to the 955 black edition, better for overclocking, but will have to add a cooler, something from scythe plays well with amd brackets (katana)
    i don't have a linky handy, but you will want to take out your motherboard, and other things in the way.

    Put in PSU into Case (typically can't be added after MB in place with large cooler)

    if cooler does not block any of your mounting holes for your motherboard, put on cpu, paste & cooler, if it does block holes, just cpu, put in MB then cooler.

    connect power cables and route your PCI-E cables to where your video card will be, easier to do before card is installed.

    it is pretty simple to put everything in, screws line up to where you need things, plugs are keyed and sized to only fit where they are allowed,,, before you put in the motherboard, if you have a card reader or front panel connectors, read some of the pinouts on the MB, will tell you exactly where everything is (USB/ Power connections / FP connectors)

    add videocard and plug in PC
  2. awesome, thank you. also, do i need to uninstall any drivers?
  3. I would say "no" but you would probably want to update them after the fact anyways,,, Nvidia allows a clean install of drivers, do that,, AMD has some drivers that will be worthwhile (cool n quiet, and RAID drivers) -- even if you don't use raid,, they include the proper windows 7 drivers,,, you may not notice till you have a hard time with it, but windows 7 hard drive drivers suxxor

    I would also get MSI Afterburner and the AMD overclocking suite (although i'd rather o/c the CPU from BIOS)
  4. If you are using the same motherboard, you will probably be using the same drivers.

    If you are using the same breed of video card (NVidia or AMD/Radeon) then you don't need to change video drivers (although updating to the latest is a good idea). If you are changing breeds, then uninstalling the old drivers before switching is a good idea.

    No driver changes for the power supply :)

    Be VERY careful about static. A shock so small that you don't feel it can still fry a crucial part of your system. Make sure you ground yourself thoroughly before touching anything inside the case.

    Make sure you turn the power off before unplugging anything inside the case. Even when the PC is "off" the 5V "standby" circuit is still active. You MUST unplug the power cord before starting.

    Make sure you don't get confused by the 8 pin power cables from your new power supply - there is likely to be one for the motherboard, and one or two for video cards. The video card ones should be labelled "PCIe" and may be configured as 6+2. The motherboard one may be labelled ATX or EPS or not labelled, and may be configured as 4+4. The connectors are keyed, so in theory you cannot connect them incorrectly - if a connector does not slide on smoothly, it may be the wrong one.
  5. Thank you guys!!! I have an amd processor right now and am putting a new amd that's good. i updated drivers a couple weeks ago but will do so again. I do not have windows 7..I only have vista 64..

    one other i need to put on some cooling stuff..the stuff you just a paste? I did not order it. here is the processor I bought:
  6. it comes with a stock heatsink fan so it thermal paste already on the heatsink. you're probably ok with that at stock speeds or a little OC.

    i suggest you take the mobo out to install the new cpu and HSF it will be a lot easier. just my $.02

    the thermal compound will melt down and cover the entire area of the cpu after ~24 hours of usage.
  7. Cant link from mobile but check the stickies at the top of homebuild section for a build guide :-)
  8. i would go 15$ more and go with the 955,, you will need to buy a cooler, but this will overclock much easier (and better hopefully) as it has unlocked multiplier which the 945 does not have ---- THE STOCK AMD COOLER IS LOUD AND I REALLY HATE IT

    PS Vista drivers are similar (if not almost the same) as windows 7 drivers for alot of things,, upgrade your SATA drivers with the drivers supplied on AMD's website
  9. I am guessing his board only supports up to 95W CPUs and thats why hes getting the 945. Otherwise I agree get the 955BE.
  10. i would say so as well, but board not indicated :/ ksauce, can you give us MB model#?
  11. ahhh i just posted a thread in ..power supplies i think? I forgot where my last post was..and my motherboard is a pegatron's am2? however you say it and my new processor is computer is doing weird things at the moment.
  12. that looks almost exactly the MB i used to have in my gateway,, i would say upgrade the board, it most likely can't handle too much more than what it was equipped with before. --- it's probably like 3-5 years old, right?

    is your PC doing weird things because you changed something?
  13. I moved around some connectors and had my friend tell me my hard drive needed to be powered.. My computer was saying disk failed. My computer is now running great except it doesn't detect my cd drive. But I kept the power supply I bought as well as video card and everything is working! I can now play wow at high great.

    I need a new motherboard.. Yeah.. Is that going to suck? What I would really like to do is have someone over to just rebuild the thing with me.
  14. i thought perhaps your MB was messed up a bit, but if it's working, keep it for now,, double check your power to the CD ROM, it needs power as well,, if it is connected via a IDE Ribbon, it will be a 4 pin Molex connector, if it is with a sata cable, it is the sata power connector (wide & flat 15 pin)
  15. ugh. it was plugged in with a red cord. sata. and when i was un attaching it from the cd drive the thing that keeps it in place broke..(the thing that lets you take it out)
    so i bought a new one yesterday..same exact thing.

    and it wont work.
  16. well, just get a new cd rom later then,, should be able to download most of what you need for now,,,

    sata cables sometimes have little clips you need to push
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