Asus motherboard p9x79 pro wont boot

I have a Asus p9x79 PRo in a new build. On boot the LED Q Code stops at 61. No video Using a antec case that dosent have a speaker so I dont know about beep code. Does anybody have any idea whats going on?
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  1. motherboard user manual debug code NVRAM initialization
  2. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    NVRAM error at best means that your BIOS is corrupted and at worst your MOBO needs it's BIOS chip replaced i.e. RMA the MOBO.

    First, try to Clear CMOS:
    1. Unplug the PSU for at least 5 minutes
    2. Press & hold for 5~10 seconds the (CLR_CMOS) button the tiny red button on the lower edge of your MOBO (CLR_CMOS - see page 2-18 of the manual).

    Helpful video -

    Next, if that fails then contact the place you purchased for an exchange if possible, some places offer 'Expedited Exchanges/RMA' aka 'Cross-Shipping' which generally requires a hold or the full amount for the MOBO to be placed on your Credit Card until the defective MOBO is received from you. Otherwise full RMA to ASUS can otherwise take 30 total days.
  3. that mb has a bios flashback built into it.
    just need a usb stick and foly the guild on aus web page.hopfully it was a bad flash load at ausu.
  4. ^I wouldn't try ANY method of 'flashing' the BIOS if the BIOS (UEFI) NVRAM is bad.
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