Is my Dell XPS 420 Motherboard Compatible with ATX Cases?

Right now I'm running my stock XPS 420 Motherboard, and for the life of me the only name or designation I can get for the thing is "Dell Inc. 0TP406" I just bought a new case and had it shipped here as it was the cheapest part of my new build, and I'm wondering if the mobo would be compatible with the ATX mid-tower I just bought. I can always set the new case aside until I have the money to buy the new LGA1155 ATX mobo, but I'm really hoping to put the bad boy to use.
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  1. it's not often enough you can take an OEM mobo and put it in a ATX case.

    My best suggestion is to look really close at the screw holes of the case and the mobo in the Dell and see if they match up.

    If you can't tell by eye, tape some 8x11 paper together to span the screw holes of the new case (trim as needed).
    Then take a pen or alike and poke holes in the paper for all the screw holes you see.
    Take that paper and overlay it over your Dell as best you can and see if they line up. You may have more screw holes in the paper than the Dell, but as long as you have 6 or so that match, you're good to go.
    Good luck. :)
  2. Thanks, I'll do that : )
  3. It's a BTX box, with a BTX board
    Pull up a picture of an ATX motherboard and look at it compared to the Dell board
  4. Thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for, I didn't know what type of board it was. : )
  5. Yea, after doing some more research it turns out they are not backwards compatible without significant case modding, and even then it still might not work, plus it'll mess up your case big time. I'll just have to wait to buy a new mobo with the case. Until then, I'll at least have a cool looking decoration in my room.
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