Gtx 460 sli with a q6600

Hello all! Seems like a great forum to join and I have a question. I rum windows vista 64, q6600 @ 3.2, gtx 460 768mb sli, 8 gb geil dragon, all on a evga 750i ftw. I just installed my second gpu last night and booted up rift and gained absolutely no fps with sli whatsoever. Question is, is my cpu that much of a bottleneck to justify upgrading to an i5 2500, or is it just bad programming for rift? I scored 1310 on unigine at 1900x1200 resolution. Any good? Any suggestions?
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  1. Did you reinstall the drivers after you installed the second card?
  2. Yes I tried two diff ones with driver sweeper
  3. I will def try a couple fixes shown in that link. Ty. Do u think upgrading to above said cpu will net me great gains in gaming?
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    3.2Ghz on a Q6600 is still a good quad core that should keep up with the GTX460's then again the I5 2500K is substantially faster.
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