Cannot Install EasyTune6!

Hello all. I have a GA-970A-UD3 motherboard, and am looking into controlling system fan speed as my pc sounds WAY too loud when not idling. (i know this could be a problem with my case, but i just want to make sure).

anyways, to install easytune6 from the motherboard install disk, i must first have removed ALL traces of EasyTune6 that i must have had installed at one point. I am finding this extremely difficult to do.

I ran a file check and it says there is ONE remaining easytune6 file (and no it is not in the registry) can anyone please help??
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  1. Try to run CCleaner.
  2. BTW, how did u uninstall it?
  3. Installed CCleaner but i don't understand.... Can it search for a apecific phrase? How does it know what to look for?

    And also i went to Control Panel --> uninstall a program --> clicked on EasyTune6
    Also went through Registry and emptied out everything related (that i could find).

    Most frustrating...
  4. First run cleaner button.

    Than click on registry on the left and scan for issues. Than click repair.

    Post results.
  5. Why Cann't u Install EasyTune6!

    What error are u getting?
  6. Okay the error occurs as soon as i click Next on the InstallShield wizard. Without advancing to the next step, a dialog box pops up, exclaiming, "Please remove EasyTune6 first!"

    Evidently, i must have had EasyTune6 installed in the past, and deleted it because i didn't see the use for it.

    Now, upon attempted re-installation, there is apparently some fragment left that refuses to be found...... So irritating.

    Also, wish there was a way to attach pics to this post, so you could see what i see.
  7. Can u look in the process explorer if there is anything ET6 running.
  8. You mean in task manager? Cause yes, i have checked there.
  9. although....hang on. in your previous post, you shortened EasyTune6 to ET6 which made me think maybe searching for ET6 instead might do the trick.

    Lo and behold, i found one file title "monitor" but it doesn't look like it has anything to do with the program in question. Here is the filepath for said file:


    What do you think? I don't want to be deleting stuff without cause, but this could be it!!
  10. I don't know.

    But get this and see what is the process linked to, what program.

  11. Got it installed :) Now, what do i do?

    Also, i know that posting pics would help but, once again, i don't know how.
  12. Shigg715 said:
    Got it installed :) Now, what do i do?

    Also, i know that posting pics would help but, once again, i don't know how.

    Hey Shigg715,

    How did you manage to finally install easy tune 6???
    I am having the same problem. thnxs

  13. I'd like to thank AnonyOnche who wrote his answer in French. Go to regedit and delete this file:


    Then install, at first got an error saying can't create file, clicked okay a couple of times and it installed.
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