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Gtx 285

can this card run most of todays games on high :hello:
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  1. Resolution?
    System specification?
  2. ^ why did you ask budget?XD
    @armystrong, it can run most of games on high, but has no Dx11 support
  3. shrkbay said:
    ^ why did you ask budget?XD

    I asked budget because he is going to buy a video card, there may be better solutions than the GTX280 in this case.
  4. The 285 is a waste of money unless it is under $150
  5. Like others, still waiting for informatin required to answer question - like game settings and screen resolution. In the interim the this chart might provide an indicator:,1812.html?prod%5B3647%5D=on&prod%5B3649%5D=on&prod%5B3589%5D=on

    I included to other video cards for comparison.

    For help in understanding how to evaluate FPS and use some of the other THG and other online tools to research video cards, you might view:
  6. o sy the pc has a core 2 duo quad 3.0 ghz 2 gb of ram GTX 285 1028 MB DDR3 and i want to run most of my games on 1680x1050 sy for the delay
  7. get 2 gigs more of ram and you will run most of games on high in Dx10 this year
  8. ya i was planning on that because 2 gigs just doenst seem like alot how will the card run bad company 2?
  9. quite OK i believe, it's pretty powerful, but only thing it won't max everything, cause it doesn't have Dx11 ...
  10. i messed up it has a i7 quad core overlcocked to 3.3 ghz and 12 gigs of ram :O thats alot right?
  11. i7 920 i beleave
  12. ok so heres the new thing intel i7 920 quad core overclocked 3.3 ghz 12gb ddr 3 heres the brand Vengeance™ — 12GB Triple Channel DDR3 Memory Kit (CMZ12GX3M3A1600C9) GTX 285 it has 5 fans now could this run most of todays games on high
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    yeah.. it can run most of games, but no Dx11
  14. k thx
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