Aftermarket cooler/Paste needed for a8-3850 llano cpu?

Hi everyone,

I've had a few questions concerning this new APU chip that I've had for a little while with the F1A75-m MOBO, no GPU, G.Skill4gb of ram, 600w Corsair psu, and regular stock fan it came with. When I enter BIOS the temperature rises to about 54 degrees celcius after a minute and i've installed a few cpu temp programs to confirm and it gave me wrong readings showing 10-20 degrees celcius on idle. I have updated BIOS and the necessary drivers and that hasn't changed. My computer has froze a few times now watching videos on youtube and such which gets me scared that the fan it came with isn't up to par. My questions are:

1. Are the BIOS temps most reliable in getting readings? because other softwares would not work for me (ex. HW monitor, cputemp)

2. Can I keep the stock fan that it came with and just reapply better paste to drop temps?

3. Any recommendations of after market cpu coolers for a reasonable price under $50
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  1. Temps in the BIOS are generally high because the CPU is running at full speed. It is not until Windows is finished loaded when Cool 'n Quiet or SpeedStep comes into play to reduce the clockspeed of the CPU until there is a demand for processing power. 54C in the BIOS is not bad at all.

    If you are not going to overclock, the stock heatsink and thermal paste should be fine. Better paste can lower temps. Not sure which is the best paste right now. I still use Arctic Silver 5 which was basically one of the best thermal paste around 4 years ago. I would say it should help reduce temps by about 5C - 7C once AC5 is fully cured.

    Llano CPUs are relatively new so some CPU monitoring programs may give you invalid results. I use Core Temp 0.99.8 which is the most recent version to the best of my knowledge.
  2. temps in bios should be quite low. there is no load on the cpu. make sure you have good case ventillation. at leas one decent exhaust fan on the upper rear of your case is a must. You shouldn't need to buy an aftermarket heatsink for a stock cpu. just check that you have installed it properly.
  3. My case has decent ventillation shown here:

    How would I really check if the stock is "fully" installed, I mean it doesn't move and the fan works as it should. As for BIOS temps I don't know which of you I can believe cause I'm getting two different answers lol...

    Btw freezing has stopped now I updated my computer and started using a diff browser (chrome)
  4. Hi, Im using GA-A75M-UD2H; my bios after 30seconds or so gives a max temp of 33c. Im using the scythe shuriken Rev.B and am currently running prime95 my results are: TMPIN2 60c and cores 0-4 are all 51c. If I set bios to alert at 60c it goes off when TMPIN2 hits 60c so I'm guessing this is the most accurate temp on my board as idle"core" temps are a bit off @ 7c with TMPIN2 showing around 33c to 40c depending on normal load.
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