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I am building a new computer next year when ivy bridge comes out, which has native usb 3.0. I am currently buying parts atm that I can use with my next build, so far I have got my sound card, mouse, keyboard, usb3 external, speakers and monitor but my current computers PSU is dying (on cold boots only the case turns on, mobo, hdd, cd drive dont start).

I am in need of a new PSU but my current case is too crap for new PSUs. So I need a new case as well.

Will it be possible getting a new case now with usb 3.0 compatibility? I know cases are usb 3.0 limited and are designed for non native usb 3.0 solutions. Will current cases be suitable once native usb 3.0 arrive or should I just wait?
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  1. I'm a bit confused, but it looks like you need a PSU recommendation, and would like to know whether front panel USB 3.0 headers on cases are worthwhile?

    If so, for the PSU we'll need to know all your components first.

    I don't know of any problems/issues with front USB 3.0 headers.
  2. many of the newest cases come with one or two front usb 3.0 ports that you can connect to your mobo.
    most sandy bridge mobos have usb 3.0 connections in back, so your worst case scenario, you have to plug your external into the back of the computer. :(
    mobos like the asrock extreme4 comes with a usb 3.0 front bay that sits in an unused drive bay, giving you a couple of front usb 3.0 ports (the bay will also hold a small 2.5" SSD). you can also buy these separately.
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