Canoscan Lide 70 driver (Windows 7, 64 bit)

I need a driver for my canosacan Lide 70.
I have Windows 7 64 bit/
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  1. Thank you SR-71 Blackbird for providing the link a great time saver...

    FYI and very ironic - I served in the USAF and one evening (of all places) in New Mexico we were out playing intramural football on the field. When an aircraft was coming down (on the runway) which seemed to have an engine on fire. Emergency vehicles were standing by. Said aircraft was immediately ushered into a hanger and surrounded by security. Maybe an hour later give or take on the time. Said aircraft exited the hanger and took off to the dark sky just as fast as it had landed. I think at that time it was still a well kept secret even from most military.

    You probably already guessed. It was the SR-71 Blackbird!!!

    Hope you enjoyed this. Again thanks for pointing to the driver. Just small issue: My last Windows XP machine took a crap on me out of nowhere I started getting the "Blue Screen of Death". I need to relocate said scanner onto a Windows 7 workstation to get some scanning in. So this will be my farewell ceremony away from Windows XP.

    Take it easy...

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