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Hello all,

I own a computer manufactured by Dell, which means there are very few options at my disposal as far as overclocking goes.


Okay, fine, I was kidding. There are NO options at my disposal.

At any rate, it is equipped with an i7-930, which has, by default, a BCLK of 133.33mhz and a multiplier of 21, and turbo boosts up to 22 when voltage and temperature levels are judged appropriate by some arbitrary service... so always. All these features are locked, with the exception of the default multiplier which is upwardly locked; I can get it as low as 12 or as high as 21.

When running Prime95 on all threads, the CPU temperature on all cores climbs rapidly to 85C-87C and stops.

Stock cooling for the i7-930 is abysmal as the fan over the aluminum heatsink revs up when the slightest workload rears its ugly tail, and can be heard from ten to twenty feet away. It thusly sounds like a blow drier at full load. I've been snooping around for a quieter and/or cooler CPU cooling solution, of which there are plenty, so no problem there. My first consideration is whether these temperatures should be a concern for 4-8 hours of consecutive operation. If they aren't, I may simply look for something quieter.

I've been using CPUz to look around a bit (this actually where I determined that turbo boost is on constantly, even at 85C) and found that the core voltage for my chip is 1.512V. Considering stock voltage on these chips is, while variable, supposedly between slightly higher than 1.1V and slightly lower than 1.3 volts, AND that 1.512V is a voltage level a lot of people use to get 4.5+GHz out of their 930, is it bad to have it this high? Could this be the reason my temperatures are uncomfortably high?

Dell has been known to tinker with the products they put into their machines. This is why their XPS 9100 can be equipped with an HD 5970 and function off a 525 Watt OEM PSU :na: . If they're willing to undervolt and underclock their video cards for longer life, is it possible they would overvolt their CPUs for more stability?
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  1. Bios locked by manufacturer except multiplier .. Itks will dangerous if you change it or raise. Because all your setting under auto and will auto increase .. For better ran at default .. Just suggestion
    If you want OC get motherboard OCable
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