Best HiDef graphics card for a m950 motherboard??

m950 motherboard w/ pentium 4 2.40 hrtz 478 socket pci-e video socket..
1.5 GBs ram 2 drives 200GBs
now have a ati 9200-s td16 video card. works well with adobe premier 6.5 but not pin studio v14.

Any Advice T H A N K S Cap.
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  1. The biggest limiting factor on the graphics card may be the PSU - what make and model do you have?
  2. Hi, Thank you for helping. I use this computer for video editing only. I am concerned that the motherboard may be outdated for these new hi def graphics cards also that my old programs will not work on them?

    any video editors tried the new graphic cards with this mother board??
  3. Please provide complete make and model names for you components.

    I tried to look up the mobo and found this:

    The biggest issue may be that it only has PCI and AGP video slots, no PCI Express slots that have been a standard for 8 years now. But you said you have a PCI-e slot so I am confused and thus the request for more details.

    For more info on PCIe cards see:

    The mobo linked above also has only the slower DDR memory. Now DDR2 is outdated and new systems have DDR3.

    Please provide make and model on mobo, video card, memory, cpu, and psu.

    You can also find more information about identifying system requirements when upgrading a video card at:
  4. Hello again,

    I think you are right the graphics card is agp, so does that mean as far as a hi def graphics card upgrade wont work?,or can i use a agp
    hi def cards they still sell them i belive? Thanks for your response. Cap. :pt1cable:
  5. It means your choice of cards is very limited and they will cost more than a comparable PCIe card.

    This might be a good option - HD 4650 for $70 AR

    Here is a list of other AGP cards at newegg:
  6. I just bought a new computer on ebay $330.00It has all the perameters i need to edit hi def so thank you so much for your attention and advice
    i have learned alot, this is a great web site. bye. Cap :hello:
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