What is the best choice ?

Hello everyone there :hello:
This is my first thread and i want to ask you about something that confusing me a lot
I had some problems with my graphic card ( Nvidia GeForce 9600 GSO ) and now i'am going to buy a new one
im a hardcore gamer which mean i play new games with high resolution ( 1440 x 900 , best resolution for my monitor )
so i have to choose between these cards what is the best for new 2010 / 2011 games like ( Crysis 2 , Splinter cell conviction , GTA IV , dead space 2 and many others ) and i want you to know that i didn't had lag in these mentioned games with my old GC ( Nvidia GeForce 9600 GSO )
these are the cards which i have to choose from : ( according to my budget which is max 140 $ )
1-ATI Radeon HD 5450 2Gb DDR3 64 Bit

2-Nvidia GeForce GT-430 2Gb DDR2

3-ATI Radeon HD 4670

and for my pc spec's :

my old GC :

So what you think is the best choice guys ?

according to this link , the GT-430 is better performance :


but i see in youtube that most of the games mentioned above run very well on the HD 5450

Please guys help me im running out of time and im very confused
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  1. HD4670, HD5450 & GT430 = Complete crap.

    Tell your screen resolution but the chances of you playing Crysis 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction with decent frame-rates are almost non-existent with a HP system power supply as it limits choices for video cards.
  2. ^+1 you will not play crysis with very good frame rates with any of those cards. If you are such a "hardcore" gamer then you should nickel up some money for at least a gtx 460/ 5850 level of gpu, which is still midrange by todays standards, also your low end intel dual core cpu will also hurt you, so in the end I would get a midlevel gpu such as a 5770 or gts 450 etc, upgrade your psu, buy an aftermarket cpu cooler and oc your cpu and you will be in the ballpark of playing crysis on med-high settings... at your 1440X900 resolution which is somewhere between 720 and 1080p although in some games you will likely have to even scale back from that (1440X900) in order to maintain playable framerates in more demanding games.... so basically this is the type of performance you can expect to have if you 1.upgrade psu 2.Buy CPU cooler and OC and 3. purchase a midlevel gpu such as a 5770 or gts 450

    if you dont want to spend a lot on the gpu there are great deals on 4870s and gtx 260s on ebay and for around 80 dollars you will have a pretty powerful gpu for the money (4870 and gtx 260 are comparable to a 5770 without dx11)
  3. if you cannot afford to upgrade your psu (which I recommend doing) the best video card you can likely run is a HD 5670. I would at least get that bc imo the gt 430 and the 5450 are not gaming cards, you will regret it... if you are a hardcore gamer it will surely be disappointing
  4. thank you guys i really appreciate your help
    well , i cant do anything that is related to upgrading my pc , i can only pay 140 $ max as i said and i played all these games with my old GC before it was crashed , and in Tunisia , there isn"t many choice of GC's that's why i only putted these ones because i have to choose from this
    i saw in youtube many videos about HD 5450 that run all these games cool and not laggy that's why im thinking of buying it
    Here's some example of games which works cool on HD 5450 :
    1-Call of duty Black ops :
    2-Assassin's creed 2:
    3-Just cause 2 :

    but how much cost the 5770 or the gts 450 ( i don't know if they exist here but i will try to ask )
    and like i said i really appreciate your help guys but i don't have choice so i have to choose between the HD 5450 or the GT-430 , or maybe just bying another GSO 9600 768Mb which i used to have
  5. Get a 5770/50 or GTS 450 , its more that what you are looking to spend but the cards you listed are all lesser than your card that is no longer working.
    Hope that helps
  6. thank you very much , can you give me the price of both 5770 and GTS 450 ? because im not sure if they exist here in Tunisia or it's cheaper than 140 - 150 $ max
    and tell me what you think of a HD 5570 or a 9600 GT , i found that they both better than my crashed one
  7. this depends if you are getting th GDDR5 version of the 5570 honestly they are not a lot better than what you had.
  8. well , i will try to find it anyway , what you think of this one that is available in my country i guess :
    NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX
    Ref :
    Chipset NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT
    Frequency of 600 MHz chipset
    Figure 1 Number of chipsets
    PCI Express 2.0 x16
    Video Memory 1 GB
    256 bit memory interface (s)
    Frequency 900 MHz Video Memory
    Memory Type GDDR3
    No shared memory technology
    112 stream processors
    Frequency of 1500 MHz Stream Processors
    Direct X support (version) 10
    Dual Screen Yes
    HD Ready Yes
    TV tuner not
    Female DVI video outputs, HDMI Female
    Standard DVI Output DVI-I Dual-Link (24 +5)
    DVI Dual-Link yes
    Active cooling type (Fansink)
  9. that card is far better than the others you listed but it is still quite dated, At your resolution it would be great. (no dx11)
  10. ah ok thank you
    i will try to do my best to get it and i hope that i find it with good price
    thank you again :)
  11. i will try to save up some money (its around 200 $ here in Tunisia, my mum and dad will pay it xD ) and get this :
    Gainward GeForce® GTS 450 1024MB
    what you think for a gaming card ? is that what i need for most new coming 2011 games ?
  12. lol hell no that card will blow and a hell of a rip off for $200, if your a silver spoon boy then at least get something better than that heading into the future and certainly not for 200 bones son. you'd be much better off with a gtx 460 1 gig for that price.
  13. well , is not the same price for the GTX 460 here in tunisia , its about 380 $ ! which is very expensive for me ! but the same price with this card is this one
    Sapphire ATI HD 5770 1Gb GDDR5
    so what you think is better ?
    according to this site , the ATI is better :
  14. 5770 is faster than a gts 450, so if it is the same price, get the 5770 and that should give you a good taste of gaming, but remember you will need to upgrade your psu
  15. if you do not want to upgrade your psu, at least get a 5670
  16. thank you very much for ur help bro :))))
    and is upgrading the psu is a must ? cuz i dont have money for that and can you tell me how to find what is my psu ? i mean what is the power of my psu ?
    thank you again
  17. and i compared the 5670 to my old GSO 9600 768Mb , it's lower than my old one :/ , so its like im downgrading my pc not upgrading it :(
  18. i can't believe this , i checked out my psu for the first time ( i didnt knew about this before ) and i figure out that none of these cards will work for me :S , even the HD 5450 cuz my psu is :
    Model: LC-8320BTX
    Total Output 300 W Max
    AC 230 V
    i only have 2 options :
    1-buy the GT-430 cuz it's min require 300 w ( i guess it wont work too cuz min is 300 and my max is 300 :S )
    2-buy another GSO 9600 768Mb , that means not upgrading anything
    is there anything i can do ? and i read that my Dell Vostro 200 wont fit big psu so i dont want to upgrade the psu
  19. so guys ? i found that a new psu 450w is for 15$ here , ( made in china ) so is that good for a HD 5770 ? i mean is that enough ? and it will fit in my vostro 200 case ?
    thank you for your help i really appreciate it
  20. no thats crap you need to buy a relaible name when getting a psu not some 15 piece of junk, thats the same as you have now, if you give me a site that you can shop on and tell me what video card your going for I can pick one for you
  21. ok , all the plan changed and i have to choose between getting another GSO 9600 768Mb ( like my old one ) or a GT 9600 1Gb but the price shocked me lol , i mean its very cheap for me and the graphic card is without a fan just the radiator ( the steal part ) and its plaque is red like an ATI one , its similar to this one but dont know from the front :
    , i did a compare in the site and found that GT 9600 is better
    what you say bro ? :)
    Thank you again
  22. yep if you can't get a new psu then pull the trigger on the 9600 gt 1 gig, personally it would leave me wanting more power but whatever floats your boat (obviously you are familiar with its performance)
  23. well i want to understand is there a problem that the gt 9600 1gb is without a fan ? i guess it will overheat even faster than my old GSO 9600 768mb with fan
    what you say ?
  24. it has no fan?? no then thats terrible do not buy a gpu with no heatsink fan, at least go with the lower model that has a fan, make sure you clean your case and have proper airflow as well
  25. wow , thx dude , i guess the vendor want to trick me :S
    it has no fan and look stupid ( without a driver :S and not in its original case )
    anyway i will try to see what the other vendor is talking about by saying that he can bring me a " 9600 GSO 1Gb " ( is there even a gso 9600 1gb ? :S )
  26. I have no clue, but there is no doubt that it will nto be very much different from the other card, both of those cards are barley powerful enough to make use of 512mb of vram let alon 1 gig, so I wouldn't worry about it. However I would advise you to never install the driver disk it comes with, always install the latest drivers from nvidias webpage. Buy a 9600 GSO and get back to gaming! I'm off to work have a nice day!
  27. ok thank you sir very much
    good luck and have a nice day too :)))
  28. hey again
    sorry for being kinda annoying but i have to check before buying anything to not face problems .. anyway i want to see if my CPU can handle this card ( 9600 GT 1Gb ) ? and by judging on the previous one which worked great

    Name : Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2.66GHz
    *Old graphic card
    Slot : PCI Express x16 @ 16
    Nvidia GeForce 9600 GSO 768Mb
    *Power Supply :
    Total Output 300 W Max
    AC 230 V
    Thank you "jjb8675309" and "spentshells" for being very helpful :)
  29. Don't worry you are fine, I enjoy doing this as a hobby so you are no inconvenience to me...

    yeah you will be fine, you will no doubt be held back in cpu intensive games but just like your old 9600, your cpu will handle it just fine, overall though you should be lookign towards a new build sometime down the road when you have more money, get the 9600 it will work until you can upgrade your system further
  30. ok that's all im gonna tell the vendor to get me a GT 9600 1Gb , and hope that there is no more problems now
    and for sure i will upgrade my system once i have money , maybe in summer dunno :)
    I really appreciate your help
    Love you man
    Respect :)
  31. no problem brotha, enjoy! game on!
  32. i think 4670 is best
    or buy 5670 1 gb it s better 4670
  33. yeah that is what i said but OP is set on a 9600 gt for some reason (may not be much available in his country, idk)
  34. hi again :$ ( i feel shamed i guess i asked many questions )
    i think i m gonna buy this one exactly :
    Gainward 9800GT 1024MB "Green Edition"
    my question is , is there a problem that this card doesn't have a power connector ? i mean the port which u connect to the power supply ?
    im gonna get a new psu 450w for this card and im afraid that it wont work without the power connector , adn my old 9600 gso have one
    so what is the effect of the power connector on this card ( 9800 gt 1gb )

    Thank you very much
  35. if your going to get a new psu I'd at least get a quality unit if its only going to be 450w, if the gpu does not require a 6 pin connection, then it does not require it, likely bc its some green edition, that card will be a lot powerful than you 9600, what is your budget and where are you shopping bc imo there is no reason to buy a 9800 gt there are new cards that are cheaper or better in the US
  36. not all cards require an auxilary power connection...
  37. well , is a 400W power supply enough for the Gainward 9800GT 1024MB "Green Edition" ?
    because i found one 15$ and i guess it fit in my case but im not gonna buy it until i make sure that it will work and enough for the 9800 GT
    so what you recommend me to do ? to look for a 450W or just buy the 400W and it will be enough ( here in Tunisia , there is no many choices in electronical stuff that's why )
  38. I would not buy a cheap $15 psu unless you want to fry your components, yeah a 15 dollar psu is likely not going to deliver the 400 watts and proper amperage on a 12v rail, instead, get a reputable named 400-500w psu from a manufacturer such as corsair, antec, or seasonic with at least 30 amps on a 12v rail: here is one that I would recommend:


    it will run any single card on the market... otherwise your gonna spend about 50 for a quality 500w which might not handle the top end card right now.... anyway...
    see if you can find that psu from what ever vendor you have in Tunisia,

    also why are you going for the 9800gt and how much is it costing, I would really recommend going with a different card for the money but whatever floats your boat
  39. thank you for recommending that to me ,
    well here things is very different brother , everything is ( made in china ) but its good quality
    i found a 20$ psu 450W and the vendor recommended that to me and its contain 2 SATA connector ( which is exactly what i need for the hard drive and the dvd ) and im gonna buy it and i cant find a better graphic card for 150 $ here , everything is bad :(
    so i guess its the best deal for me

    I really appreciate your help and im very thankful for what you have done to me :)))
  40. your welcome, get what you can but Chinese is generally very low quality, its Japanese capacitors that your looking for, but anyways I hope you can find something that works but I cannot recommend buying a cheap psu, hope it works, enjoy
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